Residential Park Homes


Residential Park Homes offer exceptional comfort and convenience in a relaxing environment. Whether you decide to buy a park home custom made to your taste, or buy a residential home already sited on our residential parks in Cumbria or South West Scotland,ourpark homes offer exceptional value for money.



Why buy a Residential Park Home?


Park homes are the perfect option for people over the age of 50 looking to relocate from their traditional family home, to a property that will contribute to the enjoyment of retirement and later life. Park homes offer substantial benefits, including:


  • Exceptional value for money with luxury park homes available to purchase using equity in existing family property
  • Modern comfort and space a property that can be customisedto any buyers requirements
  • Low maintenance and highly efficient park homes make retirement livings even more comfortable and cost effective
  • Ready to move in –your new park home comes with all furniture and fittings. You could even pick and choose the look you want.




Meadow View Residential Park

Meadow View Residential Park, Cumbria

A secure gated community on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria. A tranquil setting where a new lifestyle brings the relaxation you have been craving.


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Ryan Bay Holiday & Residential Park, Scotland

The perfect place to relax and enjoy retirement. Nestled on the banks of Loch Ryan in South West Scotland, this is the ideal base for taking life easy yet still enjoying the surrounding area and golfing opportunities.


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Ryan Bay Holiday and Residential Park
Lido Residential Park

Lido Residential Park, Cumbria

An established residential park in Cumbria with a real community feel. Home to many long term residents, this community built up within this park is what other residential parks strive for.

Lido Residential Park is currently full and has no currently available plots for sale.