Investment Opportunities

We offer 2 ways to earn investment income on your Caravan Holiday Home. Enjoy the flexibility of our Sub Hire Scheme or choose to benefit from our Guaranteed Income Scheme. The choice is yours.


Sub Hire Scheme

Our Sub Hire Scheme allows you to easily let out your caravan holiday home, without having to lift a finger. Our experienced lettings team will manage your bookings and ensure your holiday home is clean and looked after. Perfect for peace of mind, but there are no guarantees that your caravan will be let if there is a lack of demand.


How does it work?

  • Select the dates you would like to let your caravan holiday home and submit them to us before the season starts. The sooner you submit your dates, the more likely you are to get bookings.
  • Your income is calculated by the total amount any holidaymaker has paid, excluding the costs of administering the scheme, cleaning, and the VAT.
  • We will pay you the amounts due either by cheque at the end of the season or as a credit to your account with us.


Guaranteed Investment Income Scheme

The Guaranteed Investment Income Scheme will guarantee to pay you a set amount per year in advance, in return for letting your holiday home out. You can avail of this scheme when you purchase a caravan holiday home or lodge from us, with the guaranteed income deducted from the selling price. Many of our owners choose this option as it is the perfect help-to-buy scheme, making their dream holiday home even more affordable.


How does it work?

  • We agree on dates when your caravan holiday home will be available to us to use as rental accommodation.
  • We will pay you a guaranteed £4,000 over 2 years. This is deducted from the price of a caravan holiday home when you purchase from us.
  • We will administer all bookings for your caravan holiday home and return your caravan for you to enjoy when agreed.


T&C’s apply to both schemes and are available upon request.