Below are a selection for Frequently Asked Questions, if you have any further questions which are not answered below then please contact us:

Can my friends and family visit?

Yes of course, this is such a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends. We provide all new owners with 6 Complex Passes which will entitle them to use of all leisure facilities on site and entertainment on park. If you require more they can be purchased from our sales team.

Can I choose the location for my Holiday Home?

Our main aim is to make you a happy Holiday Home Owner. If there is a particular site you would like, we will endeavour to have your new Holiday Home sited there, however, some areas of our parks are reserved for specific types and sizes of holiday homes. Our sales staff will be able to highlight all the available sites.

How much does a Caravan Holiday Home Cost?

We have a wide range of both new and pre-owned caravan holiday homes for sale. Brand new caravan holiday homes generally start from £19,950 while our pre-owned ones can start from as little as £4,995!. This is, of course, dependent on what stock is available at any given time. For a full list of prices and availability please view our sales section.

Can I sublet my holiday home?

Yes you can, subject to the age and quality of your caravan holiday home, we offer a voluntary sub letting package, this ensures (depending on the number of weeks you allow us to sublet) an income that will go some way to offsetting your costs of ownership. Our sales team will be delighted to discuss this with you and work out for facts and figures based on your level of desired usage.

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